purposeful playdate: yes Jesus loves me

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Hi there. I hope you had a great weekend- mine was action packed! We had our first “purposeful playdate” and it was a blast. Find out more about purposeful playdates here and get the details from the very first one below:

The Invitation:

I tried to keep the invitations simple and retro with a modern twist. It was also important to create a design that could be used over and over again.  I used a hole puncher to indicate the time and date, I was inspired during a recent train ride when they punched my ticket. I used paper and envelopes from Paper Source, printed on my home printer, and rounded the edges with a corner punch thingy.

(meek confession: I was so determined to keep things simple that I originally created a neutral color combo for the invitation.  I eventually decided I could use the same invitation but change the colors to match the decor for future playdates) 

The Theme:

Yes Jesus Loves Me

The food:

We served heart shaped grilled cheese sandwiches, apple fries, milk, mini red velvet cupcakes

(meek confession: it’s hard to host and monitor grilled cheese sandwiches. Hence, the dark sandwiches!) 

The jars in back with candy inside were made using this tutorial from Eighteen25.

In Psalm 17:8 David says “keep me as the apple of the eye, hide me under the shadow of thy wings.”  That scripture and this DIY sweetie pie from Twig & Thistle inspired these apple fries:

The personalized heart straws were inspired by Garnish and were so helpful in keeping up with the kids drinks during the event

Mini red velvet cupcakes for the kids and the regular sized cupcakes were for the mommies.

The super delicious cupcakes were provided by Sweet Milestones.

The Message:

We sang  ”Jesus Loves the Little Children” and “Yes Jesus Loves Me”

and read “Jesus Loves Me” by Ideals Publications (Illustrated by Laura Logan)

God Loves Us, Little One by Allia Zobel- Nolan

The Craft:

The children used stamps and fabric paint to personalize their T-shirts (with help from their mommies)


thanksgiving recap

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Is Thanksgiving over already?! After weeks of planning and days of cooking we really enjoyed our thirty minute meal. It was over way too quickly. However, thanks to my husband’s grandmother, head Thanksgiving chef, we will be able to enjoy it over and over again since the fridge and freezer are well stocked with leftovers!

I’ll admit it was a tad bit ambitious to host dinner for 10 adults and 2 children only seven months after moving into our house, but it really forced us to unpack and get settled a lot sooner than we would have.  And no matter how much planning, cleaning, and shopping had to be done I found time (in the wee hours of the morning) to craft.

Artificial pumpkins, gold spray paint, floral wire, green card stock, alphabet stamps, and ink pad helped create the place cards.

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