purposeful playdate: hip hip hooray, Jesus is risen!

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It’s time for another Purposeful Playdate! If you’re new to meek+chic you can find out more information here .  Hopefully,  this post will inspire you to celebrate Jesus during Easter, while having lots of fun with your children. For those of you who aren’t moms, you can recreate this playdate with children in your family or your church.  I’ll try to make that a little easier for you by providing free downloads and tutorials, so stay tuned. Now, without further ado…

The Invitation:

Its the cheery cousin of the first Purposeful Playdate Invitation

The Decor:

Lots of bright colors and pennants.

The Food:

Pennant shaped sandwiches, Annie’s cheddar bunnies, milk, and mini cupcakes

(These mini cupcakes stored in an egg carton were provided by my friend Darnetta of Sweet Milestones– she’s putting the KitchenAid mixer friend’s bought her for her birthday to good use!) 

The Message:

Read about the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus using “The Beginner’s Bible” Illustrated by Kelly Pulley. Being sure to stress the excitement around the resurrection of Jesus–

Hip Hip Hooray, Jesus Is Risen!

I bought “Easter Journey Easter” because my children love books that rhyme. Unfortunately, this book was a little too long for them and the rhyming pattern was a little complex .

It may work better for older children. 

The Activities:

Children create instruments and parade props for the “Hip Hip Parade”

Optional Activity: Use your backdrop to create a “photo booth” for the kids to strike a pose

(meek confession: getting my son to stand still for this picture cost me one mini cupcake,

but he threw in the fake smile for free. Thanks son, you’re too kind.)

If the weather permits, head outside for your “Hip Hip Parade.”

Teach the kids the song “I Know Jesus Is Alive


I know Jesus is alive.


He died for me, then rose again!

Hope you guys are  inspired to have your own Easter Purposful Playdate —

Hip Hip Hooray!


happy hearts

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I hope you all had a Happy Heart Day.

Valentine’s Day is over, but we’re still celebrating love around here! I am signing off from blogging early this week but will be back next week to share some of the things I love— and give ideas on spreading love beyond Februray 14th.

Also, if you are in the Chicago area you should bring your children to the Chicago Children’s Museum this weekend– I’m the visiting artist this month and will teach children how to make their very own “wearable art.” More information’s available on the museum’s website.


purposeful playdate: yes Jesus loves me

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Hi there. I hope you had a great weekend- mine was action packed! We had our first “purposeful playdate” and it was a blast. Find out more about purposeful playdates here and get the details from the very first one below:

The Invitation:

I tried to keep the invitations simple and retro with a modern twist. It was also important to create a design that could be used over and over again.  I used a hole puncher to indicate the time and date, I was inspired during a recent train ride when they punched my ticket. I used paper and envelopes from Paper Source, printed on my home printer, and rounded the edges with a corner punch thingy.

(meek confession: I was so determined to keep things simple that I originally created a neutral color combo for the invitation.  I eventually decided I could use the same invitation but change the colors to match the decor for future playdates) 

The Theme:

Yes Jesus Loves Me

The food:

We served heart shaped grilled cheese sandwiches, apple fries, milk, mini red velvet cupcakes

(meek confession: it’s hard to host and monitor grilled cheese sandwiches. Hence, the dark sandwiches!) 

The jars in back with candy inside were made using this tutorial from Eighteen25.

In Psalm 17:8 David says “keep me as the apple of the eye, hide me under the shadow of thy wings.”  That scripture and this DIY sweetie pie from Twig & Thistle inspired these apple fries:

The personalized heart straws were inspired by Garnish and were so helpful in keeping up with the kids drinks during the event

Mini red velvet cupcakes for the kids and the regular sized cupcakes were for the mommies.

The super delicious cupcakes were provided by Sweet Milestones.

The Message:

We sang  ”Jesus Loves the Little Children” and “Yes Jesus Loves Me”

and read “Jesus Loves Me” by Ideals Publications (Illustrated by Laura Logan)

God Loves Us, Little One by Allia Zobel- Nolan

The Craft:

The children used stamps and fabric paint to personalize their T-shirts (with help from their mommies)


child of the king activity

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Lesson: Jesus is above all kings- He is the King of Kings.

Scripture Reference:  Revelations 17:14

Discussion Questions: What is a king? What do kings do? How do the people act towards the king? What are the king’s children called?

Take away: Jesus is the ultimate authority. We are all His children in creation, but we want to go a step further and become His children in salvation.

Craft: Card stock crowns were assembled and decorated by children (the picture above is before decorating). I used the template found at Skip To My Lou,  punched two holes in each crown, and threaded ribbon which helped secure the crowns.

meek confession: I planned to make felt crowns but ran out of time.




christmas advent garland

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Most of my Saturday was spent in pajamas, watching “It’s A Wonderful Life,” and doing a little Christmas crafting. I am happy to announce I made a Christmas advent garland! I’m a few days behind, but better late than never, right? I am extending a little grace to myself considering we hosted our first Thanksgiving dinner and I am wrapping up another important countdown around here (more on that later this week).

I used a kit I found at JoAnn’s for just $7. The felt was precut, but I had to do quite a bit of stitching and gluing. I am happy I completed it, but I’m sure I will be even happier next year when I just have to unpack it! Inside each little stocking is a fun Christmas activity as well as an ornament for our Jesse tree.  My goal is to make this time purposeful and fun. Here are some of the advent activities I have planned as well as more information on the Jesse tree Continue reading »