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From the day I learned what a golden birthday was I knew that I wanted mine to be special. I was in high school at the time and thought that since turning 30 would be so many years away I had more than enough time to plan the party of a lifetime. Well, thirty came rather fast. As my big day approached I found myself married with four kids and another on the way. Life was happening at the speed of light and it seemed like my big day would not happen as planned. My husband told me he had plans for my big day and although I wanted to be thankful I was very disappointed. I knew he would plan something nice, but I wanted a party. Not a huge party but a small dinner party with my close friends. Something pretty. A day without kids. The day I had been planning since I was fifteen.

Although I had already told my husband what I wanted the reality of it happening was slim. We had a daughter that had just graduated from high school and was headed to college in a month. In the three months leading up to my birthday rather than planning a party I was planning college visits, a graduation dinner, and a going away party.  Our one income family could only afford so much in a short period of time, so I had braced myself for reality: the reality that parents make sacrifices for their children. Little did I know that my husband had been (successfully) working behind my back with my closest friends to plan a party that I would never forget.

The day had come and I was blindfolded wearing the beautiful dress my friend Tiffany made. I didn’t know where I was going, but when I opened my eyes I was shocked! It was as if I had planned the party myself. It was everything that I would have asked for all the way down to the little details. Pink linens,beautiful decorations, great food, cupcakes, coffee ice cream, a song from my wonderful husband, words of blessing from my friends, and an overnight getaway with my husband. As if that was not enough, everyone chipped in to get me the best gift ever. A Kitchen Aid mixer! I felt like I was on Oprah’s favorite things show…They just kept coming out with more surprises!

Some dreams we have seem foolish to others, but this party taught me that God truly cares about everything that is important to me. I am His child and just like I want to bless my children He wants to bless me. There is no good thing that He will withhold from me, if I walk uprightly (Psalm 84:11). As mothers we make many sacrifices for our children and families, but GOD sees them all. He loves me and has blessed me with a wonderful husband, a beautiful family, and great friends. I’m living a blessed life!


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  1. Chandra More Modern Modesty
    Jan 24, 2012 @ 12:19 am

    Aww! This post brought a smile to my face! It’s funny; we are quick to think that God only cares about the MAJOR things in our life, but He knows us so well that he has a way of answering our prayers when we least expect them.



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