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This year, Mother’s day really caught me off guard! Maybe because its  so close to my birthday. I mean, I’ve had a birthday my whole life, I just started celebrating Mother’s day four years ago!

(this  is the same excuse my husband has tried to use=)

Anyway, this year I wasn’t able to pull off the elaborate photo gift I wanted to make. Instead, I made simple cards on card stock and the kids spent an afternoon painting them.

They had a great time and I loved the results!


Each card was unique and beautiful…

This ombre one  was my favorite…

They look so pretty, you forget that toddlers created them!

I had the idea to make a simple card  for the kids to paint,  then came across this free download. I ended up creating  my own, so I could personalize the inside.

But, since I was inspired by this project I  wanted to  give credit where credit is due.

Happy Mother’s Day!

Also, Chandra from MoMoMod asked me a bunch of tough questions related to motherhood,  you can read my responses here


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  1. Chandra More Modern Modesty
    May 13, 2012 @ 11:22 pm

    Yes, I did ask you a BUNCH of questions. LOL Thanks for answering them! I’ve already had a few lurkers, er, readers tell me that the Mother’s Day posts were an encouragement to them.


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